Vice President

At 28 years old, I have pursued several entrepreneurial, civic and political areas, which have allowed me to be the business savvy, politically astute young man you see today. I attended the Hopefield Preparatory School and Campion College, where I graduated with nine CXC subjects and two A ‘level subjects.  I am currently completing a BSC in Marketing at UCC.

I have many passions, but have worked in the field of entertainment and project management ever since I was a teenager.

In Entertainment my main accomplishments included:

- Successfully launched Bloodline sound system, which for 5 years enjoyed the status as one of Jamaica’s top 5 sound systems. It played Island wide and internationally, achieving success at marquee events like Sting, Fully Loaded, ATI & Dream Weekend.

- Staging some of the most noteworthy events over the last decade inclusive of Mimosa, MIA, A-list, Xxtreme Wet n Wild, and Appleton Rapids.

- Marketing & Execution for Corporate events which included clients such as Claro, Wray & Nephew, Pepsi and Red Stripe.

Despite the light hearted nature of my entertainment business, I have certain values dear to my heart. One such value is my deep regard for our environment.  This led me to be a founding member of Jamaica’s first full service recycling company, One Jamaica Recycling. This company processes waste material for export and in turn saves our natural environment.

As a marketer I have been blessed to have worked in three of the most dynamic environments in the Jamaican landscape of the last 10 years. These were:

- Red Stripe; Worked in the capacity of Intern Brand Assistant with special responsibility for Red Stripe Beer.

- Advertising & Marketing Jamaica Ltd; served as BTL Manager and handled all executions for all clients, and also served AD exec for Wray & Nephew and worked on the award winning campaign “show me the Wray” and “the contender”.

- Wray & Nephew; I am currently Brand Manager for the RTD portfolio, which includes brands like Red Label Wine, Stones Ginger Wine, Jagra and W&N Rum Cream.

I have also been involved in volunteerism, worked with young people, and am described by my peers as reliable, trustworthy and honest. One of my major projects in volunteerism is assisting with the development of community sporting initiatives. I am President of the Seaview Gardens Football Team and this season all youth teams will be enrolled both in a reading program and a school feeding program to ensure their general development.

Now as I formally declare my candidacy for the prestigious post of Vice President of Generation 2000, I do so not with lofty dreams but with a clear intent to make a difference both in the organization, the JLP and most importantly Jamaica. I am committed to the development of this organization and see it as an amazing vehicle for change. My political experience includes:

- President of Campion College Student Council 2002

- Service to the National Student Council interim management committee 2001

- Vice President of G2K, serving the Social Affairs, Public Relations, Policy and Communications Committees

- Served on the board of Directors for Agriculture Investment Corporation in 2011.

- Member of the JLP Public Relations Committee

- Previously in Charge of the JLP’s, G2K’s & the Hon. Andrew Holness social media marketing efforts.

I look forward to this exciting journey!